Sunday, March 16, 2008

Contest Pictures

I had WAY too much fun looking through my pictures! Sorry there are a ton here!
Contest Rules:
1. Post a photo with a hysterical caption on your blog.
2. Link back to My Semblance so your readers can join in on the fun and enter the contest, too!
3. Leave a comment in this post (THIS ONE!) with a link to your entry so we can all enjoy (and giggle, of course!).
4. Stay tuned for next Thursday's video announcement of our 5 (?) finalists.
Yippie, Reygann went poopy on the potty!! Oh wait... my bad, she went poopy ON the potty!

What? This isn't what you meant by do the laundry?

Markers? What markers? I didn't touch your markers!

What do you mean the lip implants didn't go as planned?

He's been Punk'd!

I didn't make this mess!

And you wonder why we STILL take your clothes off when you eat!

Could he be the next member of the Blue Man Group?

A new meaning to the phrase 'having a midnight snack'

Who me? Nooo I'm not scared!


Jo-Boz said...

OhMyGosh Julie! What hilarious pictures!! And your comments for each one... perfect!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOL love the pics. the last one really tickled me that expression just tooooooo cute!
Grins Laura

Jessica said...

Great pictures!!! And I love the captions, you are so creative! I LOVE the one of Kylie in the washing machine.

Michelle said...

Very cute! You have some fun times at your house! :)

A Gaiser said...

omg that last one made me laugh out loud